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Impact and Initiatives

Our commitment to community through entrepreneurship


Chapters and Curriculum

Whether as a club or through meetings away from the school environment, our members from neighborhoods all over Chicago utilize our curriculum and lessons to create an idea-rich environment in which they learn the structures of business, non-profit and community-based business logistics, implementing consumer psychology, and utilizing connections and marketing to grow their impact. From here, members create their own initiatives and community-based businesses like the examples below!

The BENCH Initiative 

The Body Embracing n’ Children’s Health(BENCH) Initiative fundamentally tackles the physiological and psychological issues that plague the lifting community. Excess health risks, both physical and mental, are prevalent in low-income neighborhoods among young individuals due to a scarcity of quality gym equipment and access to gym memberships. We will provide the youth with the proper facilities they need for their fitness endeavors and create a healthier environment for future generations. 

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HaircutsForUs is an initiative that connects children with special needs to hair-care that accommodates for their needs. A website is used to create this connection where clients can find hair-care workers that are "HaircutsForUs Certified", which means they have the right training and experience to work with children who may need extra assistance during their visit. 

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